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How To Drive Traffic From TikTok In 2021

Social media is increasingly important. Brand storytelling is evolving. Influencers experience a sharp rise in fame. Social media campaigns are now the main traffic source for many companies.

In this piece, we’ll talk about a specific and very platform, TikTok, and walk through the various ways for how to drive traffic from it. Let’s get to it.

Driving organic traffic

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TikTok organic traffic is the best and most cost-free way to drive traffic. Haf (50%The majority (around half) of users are below the age of 34. It is also interesting to note that approximately 50% of users are in the $75k+ household income bracket.

Complete your bio

Clicks on TikTok can only come from links in your bio. You cannot place links in the description of a video or direct people to your site by linking to a specific video on the profile. In most cases, you will see a reference to another channel or a link that leads you to more information.

It is important to stay coherent and upkeep the visitor’s expectations. Consider changing your TikTok profile to reflect a similar content line. using a landing page builderCreate a sub-page to ensure that you don’t lose traffic from TikTok.

Increase Engagement with Videos and Sound

TikTok rewards videos that get more engagement. Views, shares, comments, likes – are all interactions that count towards that score.

TikTok is full creators. Some are talented, others have great looks, and some are simply interesting. Bella Poarch, for example, created a hypnotizing video of head-bobbing that received over half a million views.

The point is, you just have to consider your audience/client’s avatar, adjust your account strategy accordingly, and start creating content.

Sites like Fiverr or Upwork can help you outsource content creation. These two sites offer everything you could need, including complete TikTok videos.

You can create sounds to increase your visibility in TikTok, as shown in the Bella Poarch video.

Videos that use music (and that’s all of them) will include a link in their description and the name of the artist. You can create your own music trends and use them to your advantage to grow you audience.

Good Posting Times

Post when your audience’s awake on TikTok.

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If you post in good times and your audience responds immediately, your engagement rate will increase and spread faster on TikTok than if your posts are made at bad times. your content promotionOnly a few hours later, you will receive responses.

Organise giveaways and contests

Influencer giveaways are one strategy that is becoming increasingly popular because of how well it fits into the context of social media marketing. Why? They have good virality potential and aren’t intrusive.

You announce, for instance, a prize, a product, trial, free consultation, a free lesson on online course platforms, a t-shirt, free use of your product or service for a limited time, whatever seems fitting for your audience and in order to compete for the prize, the audience has to do an action — such as follow you or share the video.

TikTok Ads: Getting Paid Traffic

We discussed primarily organic options, now let’s talk about paid ones. The advantages are obvious – you get instant traffic without any need to build a follower base or thing about the content.

Paid ads have the advantage of instant results. You can also specify your audience and desired end result. What is your goal? It is more than just getting visitors to your site and seeing them leave. If you have your email marketing services in place, you want to convert or at least get a lead.

Setting up a tracking pixel and spending a part of your budget to test what works – is what will ultimately bring more results than just burning your money and hoping that something sticks.


Sure, you can go to the ads manager and buy your ads there – or you can go directly to any TikTok influencer accountAsk for shoutout prices Why?

You can target your audience more effectively and get your cost per click lower than with the ads platform. It’s no surprise that drop-shippers, affiliate websites, and online stores all do exactly this.

Here’s Addison Rae shouting out the American Eagle account. Her content is more geared towards younger audiences, mostly female — so hip clothing, accessories, and similar topics work well.

In comparison to InstagramIt may be difficult to work with TikTok influencers, since both accounts have to be followed to send DM.

This can usually be solved by emailing the contacts with a link to their Insta profile or Youtube account. Collect the contacts. Then, reach out to them. mass email in Gmail – depending on the volume of recipients of course).

We showed the top accounts on TikTok. Although the price for a shoutout is individual, you can expect at least five figures. It would not be prudent to spend such a big budgetYou are in an untested territory. Micro-influencers or small theme accounts are what you should be looking for. There you can get shoutouts starting at $25-$100.

The common thread and main takeaway in all aspects of digital marketing is to continue to be consistent and test. We hope you find this guide and the tips it contains useful. You will soon be growing with TikTok!

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