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How to Win Social Media Conversions After The Holiday Rush

It would be nice if the world of marketing could offer a little relief every once in a while. It is chaotic. tumultuous holiday seasonMarketers find themselves in a bind as they try to campaign through the new year. 

While many businesses are quiet during the transition from winter to spring, eCommerce and retail businesses are busy putting together marketing campaigns to win customers, maximise profits, and increase sales during the downturns of January and February. 

Retail Sales

(Image: (*()StatistaThe chart shows that a drop in retail sales can result in a 30% decrease in consumer purchases from the holiday season to the new year. The chart shows the United Kingdom’s recent history of retail sales. It shows that spending has increased steadily, but that Christmas spending spikes have been steady until 2020. 

However, the UK’s devastating COVID-19 pandemic, which hit in early 2020, had a major impact on online retail sales. It appears that online shoppers are becoming more popular as more people spend more time indoors and less socially connected to the pandemic.

.chose to spend their money on goods and servicesThe pandemic led to a large shift in the direction of workers moving away from their commutes to work.

The continued existence of the COVID-19 pandemic in large parts of the world towards working-from-home (WFH)It is possible to create effective marketing campaigns during this traditionally slow period of sales. marketers may be facing a fresh opportunityRealizing the Greater Role of Social Media in WFH Landscape


looks as though it’s here to stay, and this could carry significant ramifications for the world of marketing – especially as social media campaigns continue to gain traction among marketers aiming to generate greater brand awareness and loyalty alongside advertising campaigns. rise of WFH(Image: (*()

Social Media Usage

According to the metrics above social media usage in America was expected to rise significantly after COVID. Social media usage has increased as more people around world are unable or unwilling to communicate in person with their friends and families. With just one social network Marketing Charts in users. 

(Image: (*()TikTok, experiencing a huge increaseDuring the height of the pandemic, more marketers began to tap into the potential of this vast new network of actives.

Social Media During Covid-19

. In fact, 84.2% of CMOs used social media to increase brand awareness online. Customer retention and acquisition ranked high. Marketing ChartsBusinesses can use social media to continue campaigning after the festive season. However, the biggest drawback of this time of the year is how marketers can best utilize their social media campaigns in order to attract new and repeat customers. 

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the key ways in which CMOs are looking to keep things fresh when it comes to content in the new year: social media usersChampion Community Interactions

There are few more effective ways to enter the new year than working towards championing community-driven material. You can share the content of your community and build brand loyalty and awareness online by allowing them to access it. It’s even possible to build a space for dedicated users to interact with each other and share their experiences and ideas using platforms like


Kristen Baker, a marketing manager at Mighty Networks “in today’s highly digital and connected society, it’s funny to think people can still feel disconnected from others. This goes for personal relationships as well as business relationships – specifically between brands and their customers as well as brands and their employees. What is it that causes people to feel disconnected from their companies and others? It’s a lack of community.”ZapnitoNetflix is an excellent example of how a company can build a community across platforms through marketing. The result of the collaboration with Mustache, a content-marketing agency, was a series a new social media accounts.

, memes and any other form of content. HubSpot explained thatThe campaign generated a vibrant community on a variety of platforms and around 3.5 million new Netflix followers. 

Spending the quieter months after Christmas working to build a community and engage more with your social media followers could help you not only increase brand loyalty but also gain a deeper understanding about your customers and what content they want to see. You could invite them to create content for you and share the best entries with you in return for a prize. @NetflixIsAJoke handle to post funny videosUser-generated content is a great way to keep your marketing budgets in check as the holiday season approaches.

Engaged and clicking on your brand’s updates constantly. This, in turn will result in

Website traffic, conversions, engagement, and much more later on when new promotions kick off. 

Get involved in more organic promotionssocial media followersThere are many reasons why the New Year is a good time for customers to interact more. In the age of WFH, it’s likely that they’ll have more time to spend on social media, and in those long drawn out winter months, they may actually crave some interaction with people – even if that ‘someone’ actually turns out to be a brand. can lead to a healthy boostA more personalized approach to loyalty can foster a sense.

. Customers might be looking for new challenges as the new year approaches. A loyalty program or referral program could be a good option.

In those first months. 

There are many ways you can create a loyalty program for your business. A classic approach that is popular in both coffee shops as well as bookshops is the a evergreen promotion in the form of a loyalty schemestamp cardperfect for keeping them engagedEvery purchase equals one stamp. After a pre-determined number of stamps, the customer can receive a free product or service – or a freebie. 

If your business is more heavily dependent on service subscriptions, then it’s possible to run a Refer a friendRefer friends to get discounts. You could also introduce

tiered loyalty schemesCustomers can move up and down based on how many purchases they make. The higher the tier they’re in, the greater the discounts. Naturally, these more organic and evergreen promotions encourage customers to convert more often, knowing that they’ll be rewarded for their loyalty. At a time that’s traditionally much more tranquil following the frantic festive season, loyalty rewards can Conversions Promote Self Improvement

The pandemic is on the rise, and this has led to a bring a significant boost. Whether it’s eating healthily, regular exercise or mindfulness, it seems that these trends are likely to continue in the age of WFH. 

Social media marketers looking to increase brand loyalty for the new year could see this as a huge opportunity. Promoting self-improvement is a great way to increase your social media marketing reach. 

Share your expertise and create tutorials that you can share on social media to build trust in your brand. These can be video-based or written. widespread increase in self-improvement measuresYour content is the heart of your business. 

These approaches can be a great way to add value

Followers will feel empowered to follow you and take on the information you share. even creating online coursesThe notion of self-improvement can be a significant tool for businesses to use in their marketing campaigns in January and February, where New Year’s resolutions remain fresh in the minds of consumers online. Position your online self-improvement materials on your social media accounts as a means of offering your followers the opportunity to learn through your company’s expertise. 

This social media marketing approach can be created as a freebie or as a paid service, but as long as it demonstrates value to your customers, it’s an effective way of resonating with their mindsets following on from the festive period. This will increase your followers’ loyalty and awareness and result in more click-throughs to your landing page. It will also lead to more conversions from those who are satisfied with your self-improvement content. your business on social mediaContent Trial and Error

Of course, it’s vital at this time of year to continually monitor the performance of your campaigns. Raw metrics are likely to show drops in the number of conversions being made with your company, so it’s important to look elsewhere for key indicators surrounding how your campaigns are taking shape. 

By running links to your website’s landing pages from social media, you can actively review each step of your sales funnel through dedicated analytics engines like

. Both platforms can provide rich insights into the causes and possible bouncebacks of page and cart abandonment. 

(Image: (*()Google AnalyticsAt a time of year where consumer spending is largely frantic, it’s more important than ever to FintezaThey are kept spotless and free from any potential stumbling blocks for non-committal guests. 

Google Analytics

Be sure to regularly monitor your social media links and posts, and always compare and contrast your performance by looking into the various impressions you’re getting and the click-through rate that they’re generating. EasyAutoTaggingYou might consider creating landing pages for each social platform to help you identify the most effective campaign. 

It can be more difficult to generate similar levels of traction after the hectic festive period and the massive marketing pushes of companies. Trial and error is a great way to spot emerging trends and capitalize on them in markets with less consumer spending power. ensure that your funnelsSubscribing is a great way to join the 100,000+ marketers who have already improved their skills and knowledge.