Sunday, March 26, 2023

Facebook Announces New Women’s Safety Training Events to Help Improve Online Safety and Inclusion

Facebook hosts a variety of Women’s Safety live training eventsThe following information will provide an in-depth overview of the safety tools and insights on how women can use them to enhance their experience using its platforms.

As explained by Facebook:

“Through these trainings we aim to help users get the most out their Facebook experience by educating them about the ways that our tools, products, and resources can help them more safely connect with people and causes they care about.”

Facebook will host seven sessions in different languages and time zones. This is to ensure that the event caters to as many people as possible. Participants will also have the chance to ask questions. You can ask questions and have a conversation with a safety expert during each session.

Facebook Women's Safety Events

This is where the focus should be, as according to Pew ResearchFemale internet users are significantly more likely than men to report having been sexually harassed or stalked online, with young women, in particular, increasingly likely to have experienced sexual harassment.

As per Pew:

“Fully 33% say they have been sex harassed online by women under 35, while 11% say the exact same for men under 35.”

This is a key element of the larger focus on gender equality. It is important to address these elements in order to ensure that women feel free and openly share their views without fear.

Facebook’s sessions showcase the many tools and processes it has available to help. This will hopefully increase inclusion within its apps. 

Find out more about Facebook’s Women’s Safety Sessions and register your interest. here.