Wednesday, June 19, 2024

#SMWLA 2021 Preliminary Agenda Is Live!


We’re excited to announce our initial agenda of Main Stage and Academy sessions for the 12th edition of #SMWLA. June 29-July 1..

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This article features insights from REVOLVE. PepsiCo. Google. Hulu. Wieden + KennedyCreators include Hannah Bronfman Luvvie Ajayi Jones, this year’s program is shaping up to be the best yet and you’ll gain actionable insights into the business of influencer marketing under the umbrella of our annual theme, “Reinvention.”

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Passion, advocacy, and leveraging the brand voice are key ingredients to leading with passion.

How to Be a Professional Troublemaker with Luvvie Jones

Referencing insights from her new book “Professional Troublemaker” join Adweek and Luvvie Ajayi Jones for a conversation unveiling how we can leverage the power of our own voices, personally and professionally, for a greater good and how to drive actions needed to prove the truth of our words in a noisy social media landscape. Learn more.

Hannah Bronfman: Turning Passions into Business: A Conversation

Join Adweek in conversation with Hannah Bronfman, founder of HBFIT, as she shares insights and tips learned throughout the evolution of her presence as an advocate and a host, how mommyhood now shapes her views and strategy on social media, and how influencers can make small strides each day to drive positive change in our society from racial injustice to reimagining default standards of “beauty” and “healthy.” Learn more.

The Meme Economy: Building Brands and Catering for the Next-Generation Consumers

Reid Hailey’s Meme Economy

Memes are a popular method of digital communication that is culturally relevant. Reid Hailey is the CEO and co-founder of Doing Things Media. Reid will explain how memes can be used to real-time Culturally Relevant Market (the new CRM) as well as how top meme creators (@Shitheadsteve, @Middle Class Fancy, etc.) have applied memes to their marketing campaigns. Create branded content that exploits real-time trends. Learn more.

Building Brands at the Speed of Culture

James Andrews is the founder of Authenticated Ventures. He will address key questions as we navigate this next chapter. How do you know if you are respectful of the sub-genres and genres? If authenticity is measured in credibility? How can you tell if your team has the right people with the right skills? Learn more.

How REVOLVE caters to the Next-Generation Customer

Raissa Gerona, Chief Brand Officer at REVOLVE, will discuss how the company approaches influencer marketing. She will also show how they pivot their strategies to keep up with the changing landscape. Learn more.

Academies: Cultural relevancy, collaborations, and “influence culture”

(Re)volutionary Rockstar Energy Drink

Rockstar Energy has experienced a year full of revolution and reinvention in 2021. It launched its first ever TV commercial during the Super Bowl’s pre-kick-off with Lil Baby. Soon after, it announced a massive partnership with 100 Thieves. Hear from Gabe Alonso, PepsiCo’s Head of Digital Platforms and Community as he explores how the brand is developing key influencer partnerships to drive cultural relevancy and rebuild its brand equity with a new generation of energy drinkers. Learn more.

“Influence Culture”: The Reinvention of Word of Mouth Marketing via Social Media

Join Hulu’s Head of Brand Social, Tatiana Holifield, to unpack this cultural phenomenon and learn practical ways to reinvent your influencer marketing strategy with credibility and authenticity. You’ll learn how word of mouth marketing creates a halo effect that drives Earned Media, why an Active Listening strategy is integral to mastering ‘Influence Culture,’ and what key forces and consumer dynamics are behind today’s hyper-competitive marketing landscape. Learn more.

How Google Evaluates Influencer Marketing’s Return

Join Google’s Global Influencer Marketing Lead, Tobias Rauscher, as he shares how he and his team managed to elevate influencer work to be a part of the broader marketing mix. He’ll also debunk commons myths around measurement frameworks and selling impressions and likes as impact. You’ll learn how to prove the return of influencer marketing and compare effectiveness across the marketing mix, how to think of vanity metrics vs. brand lift and how to think of long-form vs. short-form. Learn more.

Passing the Pen: Collaboration in Brand Partnerships is Important

In this session, join Wieden+Kennedy’s Head of Social, John Petty III, and explore what modern brand partnerships need to look like to succeed in internet culture. You’ll learn how to identify the right collaborations and partnerships for your brand, the essential factors behind creating the best brand partnerships and how to make cultural waves and authentically engage your audience. Find out more.