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7 Key Tips For Optimizing Your Email Marketing Ahead of Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. As the holiday season draws near, the nights are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Marketers are working hard to find a winning strategy for attracting customers into their sales funnels. 

Online marketers have a busy winter season as businesses try to reach more buyers during the Christmas period. 

Top Days of Email Marketing

(Image: (*()Clicky BlogIn the US, the five busiest days of the year are actually the five busiest.

All fall between Thanksgiving Day to mid-December. That’s a hectic schedule, so it’s vital that a plan is in place to make the most of your email marketing efforts. email marketersAlthough marketing has changed at a rapid pace over the 21st Century.

has proven itself time and time again that it’s going nowhere when it comes to sales funnel optimization. email marketing(Image: (*() 

Marketing Channels

In fact, marketers still rank social media marketing higher than any other technology when it comes to campaign effectiveness, despite its increasing sophistication. Software AdviceThis means your email marketing needs to be fully optimized as we enter the holiday season. However, if you feel like you’re not quite ready for entering battle with your competitors to make your voice heard and leverage sales in the tumultuous festive marketplace, don’t worry. Here’s a compilation of seven key tips to get your campaigns in good stead for the competitive landscape ahead: 

Adapt Your Subject Lines for Festive Frivolity

If there’s one thing you can be certain of during the festive period, it’s that your marketing emails are going to have plenty of company in the inboxes of recipients. 

It’s imperative that you exercise

You can make your inbox standout by using seasonal triggers. These subtle boosts to visibility can help to make you stand out and increase your engagement, no matter how creative your creativity is. 

A subject line with themed emojis is a great way to stand out. This can be a great attention-grabbing technique that may come across as tacky for your business during any other time of year – but as it’s a time of festive cheer, should strike a chord with your customers. creativity with your email subject linesEmojis are also proven to be effective in increasing email open rates.

It was found that 63% of UK email subscribers were more likely than others to open emails with an Emoji in the subject line. 

Below: MailjetThis collection of seasonal email campaigns that use emojis has been created by. As we can see, the cheery attitude is complimented by the emojis in a way that adds colour and frivolity to a recipient’s inbox.

Use Audience Segmentation WiselyEnchantPersonalized festive emails can have a higher response rate than generic mass emails. Segmenting contacts is the best way to tailor your messages to the interests and buying habits of your customers. 

Segmentation can occur in many different ways. One of the most effective ways to segment your audience is through categorizing them


based on the types of products they’ve purchased or the sections of your website that they’ve browsed. It’s also possible to segment your subscribers into Year-round and seasonal shopper groups

. Shoppers who are more active during festive periods and less active throughout the year require different approaches to your loyal everyday shoppers – especially when it comes to mailing frequency and follow-ups. Segmenting your subscribers to those who are more likely to use the service Coupons

This segment can assist you in creating campaigns that are tailored to your most bargain-conscious customers. This segment can be especially useful when you don’t want to offer discounted products to loyal customers, who are likely to purchase full price. Sendinblue demonstrates how Airbnb has segmented its audiences based upon their browsing habits to provide them with locations they may be interested in. There are many tools that you can use to segment your subscribers efficiently.

Among the market leaders Google AnalyticsGet Exclusive Holiday Offers KissmetricsTo help shoppers to get into the holiday spirit, it’s worth creating holiday offers that run alongside festive themes. Emails are often the same throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to make new layouts and create eye-catching deals. 

You can also create holiday-themed offers using templates. According to

, one client, Cloudways, achieved a 120% boost in free trial signups by creating a holiday marketing campaign that’s fitted with a suitable offer. 

Holiday-themed offers can help you create a sense of urgency in your subscribers. Customers can see how long it takes to act due to the time constraints that come with building campaigns to match specific holidays or festive periods. OptinMonsterOptimize for Mobile

Did you know?

Recent announcements revealed that Cyber Monday sales reached almost $8 billion. Significantly, $2.2 Billion of this figure was generated by sales on smartphones.

With this in mind, it’s essential to craft email marketing campaigns that consider the fact that users will be browsing on their smartphones. If your emails during the festive period aren’t mobile-friendly, your business risks losing out on a significant portion of its market. TechCrunchTo make sure your email campaigns are effective

wherever they’re choosing to access their inbox, it’s important to integrate a responsive design that can adapt to all screen sizes. Responsive design is based on media queries to make your email mobile-friendly. Media queries can trim your email’s designs and hide text on mobile while scaling images to fit various different screen sizes among many other useful applications. 

Always test your emails can be viewed by readersNo matter what campaign you create, there’s

. It’s vital as a marketer to figure out which products and services work best in driving more conversions for subscribers. 

There’s never an inconvenient time to test your products ahead of the winter festive period. Even if you’re in the middle of June, it can be useful to run some campaigns to see what’s generating more interest early on. This will give you a good idea of your subscribers’ needs and the most likely places for conversions. always time for A/B testingSplit testing and A/B testing can help you identify potential errors and weaknesses before the busy season starts, giving you ample time to take action. 


It is a great tool to gauge the performance of your campaigns. The platform can give you detailed insight into your visitors’ origins and their willingness to convert. Platforms like

It can be used to gain visualisations of the quality of incoming traffic. Google AnalyticsThe tool automatically identifies the quality of traffic, for example, “Clean Traffic”, “Spam”, “Cookie Manipulation”, and more. FintezaSeasonal Freebies to entice customers

Quality of traffic

Everyone loves a freebie especially during the holidays. Christmas is a special occasion.

Giveaways and freebies 

Freebies at other times of year can be met with suspicion, but holidays that celebrate giving like Christmas can create more open audiences for offers. great time to build brand loyaltyAdditionally, with how many competitors you’ll be battling with to win the interest of your customers, a free prize draw, competition or giveaway can work wonders in

Your website. Brands who are willing to give away valuable products and services for free could reap significant profits from the tempting array of offers and calls to actions. 

Intuitive emailing scheduledriving more trafficTo get the most out of the lucrative holiday season, it’s important to begin

You can plan ahead and leave nothing to chance 

Covid-19’s emergence has seen an explosion in digital marketing as businesses try to adapt to a new world. planning your email marketing campaigns. Although some retailers may try to get in on the excitement of holiday email campaigns early, the best approach is to establish a trusting emailing schedule. 

It’s important to resist the temptation of bombarding customers with emails as this could bring on fatigue with your campaign while sending too early can run the risk of subscribers ignoring your content. remote work and self-isolationMake use of your analytics accordingly

You can choose to send them at the most appropriate time for your audience. With the right blend of engaging content, the appeal of offers, and a tried-and-tested formula, you’ll likely win the attention and trust of your subscribers.

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