Sunday, March 26, 2023

How Facebook is Diversifying Monetization Options for Creators


According to new Facebook reports for 2019, 2020 and beyond, the average monthly income of content creators was $10,000. 88 percentContent creators who earn $1,000 per month saw a significant increase in their incomes. 94 percent.

The platform recently launched a new version to support its growing community of creators. unveiled several new updates and features to help them diversify their revenue options whether it’s a primary business or a side hustle. Here’s a recap of what’s new.

  • Earn revenue from short-form videos: Content creators have the ability to monetize all video types, including testing stickers in Stories.
  • Facebook opens monetization to more content creators: Facebook has expanded eligibility for in-stream ads, allowing more video producers to access the program. Facebook is also opening up instream ads for Live, expanding paid online events and fan subscriptions in more countries.
  • Accelerating fan support: Content creators can easily access fan support while increasing consumer adoption through free Stars giveaways.

Diversifying your reach through short-form videos

Looking to the expanding format of short-form video — Facebook revealed that creators will now be able to earn money from videos as short as one minute long, “with a minimally interruptive ad running at 30 seconds.” For reference, in the past creators and brands could only monetize with in-stream ads of videos three-minutes or longer with the ad itself shown no earlier than 1 minute.

In the announcement written by Facebook’s Director of App Monetization, Yoav Arnstein, explained the growth trajectory of in-stream adds across video partners of all sizes – with ad payouts increasing over 55 percent from 2019 to 2020 alone.

“We’ll begin testing the ability for content creators to monetize their Facebook Stories with ads that look like stickers and receive a portion of the resulting revenue,” Arnstein explained. The goal is to improve these in-stream advertising formats so that they can offer diverse and engaging experiences to relevant audiences through rewards or product interactions.

The company also revealed updated eligibility criteria to ensure that those who qualify for monetization are eligible. These include:

  • 600,000 total minutes viewed from any combination of video uploads – on-demand, Live and previously Live – in the last 60 days.
  • Five or more active uploads of video or previously live videos. Videos must be uploaded, not deleted, and comply with our Content Monetization Policy.

Live with Stars: Increasing revenue

Facebook is also focusing on live. The platform has added new live video monetization options as part of this push. This is in addition to the previously invite-only program. To add in-stream ads to live broadcasts, users must have 60,000 Live minutes viewed within the last 60 days. The company is also promoting Stars gift-giving and in-stream ads for Live. The announcement stated that over the past six months, people have sent video and gaming creators an average 1 billion Stars per monthly, which is equal to $10,000,000 per month.

“During certain Star-enabled livestreams, some people will see an offer to claim free Stars that they can send at their discretion to their favorite content creators to boost their visibility and connection with the creator and add to the creators’ earnings,” said Arnstein.
Stars is best suited for the Live format. Facebook is now testing Stars in other formats, including a new test with Stars for video on-demand and Stars options to short-form video clips.

Insuring fan subscriptions to paid online events in more regions

2020 was a testament of the power and reach of digital in bringing people closer. Brands and creators continue expanding the reach of how they connect to new and larger audiences. Facebook has added 24 countries to its paid online events, including Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Facebook is also expanding its fan subscribe feature. Over 1 million people have subscribed to Facebook’s content creators and paid online events have been held in 20 countries. The fan subscription feature is available in more than 25 countries and will be made available in 10 additional countries with a new push. These include Austria, Belgium and Denmark, Finland and Ireland, New Zealand and Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.