Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Millennials may seem like they are often lost in their phones, doing very little productive work.  In fact, this generation has a reputation for poor communication skills, task management, and accountability.  The exception is when they advertise for you.

For millennials, social media platforms are the newest form of interaction.  While adults use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share pictures of travel or friends, teens are increasingly using social media to share pictures of food and show their followers where they are and what they’re doing.  This leaves an opening for a very unique opportunity for modern day marketers. When millennials are snapping pictures of the latest restaurant creation, try not think of it as misguided priorities, instead think of it as free advertising.

This unique mentality is what is all about.  We study the ins and outs of social media and pass the information on to you.  We look at trends and analytics to transform social media from a useless time-suck to the perfect platform to deliver your message directly to a consumer.  We teach you how to use social media as a tool for measuring what your target market thinks and how they feel about a business.  Above all, social media allows us to test and track results numerically, ultimately allowing better decision making as a business.

Social Media Trader brings you the social media news you need to thrive.  Every city has unlimited social media content, from endless tourist attractions and sports teams to new restaurants and bars. So how do you set yourself apart from the crowd? Intelligent businesses utilize social media as a mechanism to maintain social relevance while simultaneously keeping an eye on successful trends.  We do our best to observe and report the relevant social media activity news.  We understand the unpredictability and volatility of the social media landscape and strive to stay one step ahead of changes and trends.  These adaptations can give a business owner the edge they need to rise above the competition.

Social media can be blended with new marketing strategies but this always presents a unique challenge.  We are here to assist with this endeavor and we know the information in our articles will not only give you the inspiration to try new things, but will provide you with the useful tips to execute them.

Not only do we explain what is happening within the market of social media and why it is working,  we publish case studies of the social media campaigns that give real, discernable lessons.  We hope to provide a resource that unites the tech-savvy and tech illiterate to learn and improve the way we all operate social media.