The Future of Shopping? 17 Social Shopping Sites

Increasingly web users are looking towards the recommendations of their peers over traditional media outlets. Can you blame them? After years of being bombarded with advertisements, people are looking to their social connections to help them make purchases.

While word of mouth recommendations have always helped sell products, social shopping sites now allow groups of people to connect with each other based on their personal interests. We take a look at 17 social shopping sites and look at the type of traffic and audience they attract.

Users of social shopping sites share information about products, deals and prices. Some allow you to create shopping lists that you can share with your friends. Recent data from Hitwise suggests that while social shopping only accounts for a small percentage of web activity, visitors to these sites increased by 477% over the course of a year. So just who make up the typical audience of these sites? From looking at the demographics, it seems that the audience covers a fairly wide spectrum.

The data in the table below was compiled from Compete, Quantcast and MSN Adlabs.

Website Age Demographics Sex % Monthly Traffic
Primary Secondary Male Female
Amazon 35-44 45-54 47-55 45-53 51,300,537
Buzzillions 25-34 35-44 53 47 356,090
Crowdstorm 18-24 25-34 61 39 3,118
Epinions 25-34 35-44 47-54 46-53 3,380,748
Etsy 25-34 35-44 30-45 55-70 1,593,789
Glimpse 45-54 35-44 54-69 31-46 90,827
Kaboodle 25-34 35-44 46 54 2,564,972
Osoyou 25-34 35-44 51 49 12,716
Reevoo 35-44 25-34 54-66 34-46 10,571
ShopStyle 25-34 18-24 47-49 51-53 216,733
ShopWiki 25-34 35-44 47-49 51-53 213,194
Stylefeeder 25-34 18-24 28-58 42-72 527,284
StyleHive 25-34 <18 38-51 49-62 504,689
ThisNext 25-34 35-44 41-56 44-59 324,207
Wishpot 25-34 45-54 51 49 3,072
Wists 25-34 35-44 40-56 44-60 65,877
Zebo 18-24 <18 48-56 44-52 49,402

What makes a great recommendation? Is it the number of people who recommend something or is it the person who recommends it that matters most? Is social shopping here to stay? Please leave your thoughts below.

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24 Readers have left their thoughts

  1. tom

    i use

    according to compete it looks like they have about 10 million visitors a month (they say 14 million on their site). very cool. very slick. lots of good ratings plus they have more products from more stores than a bunch of the others because they are a comparison shopping engine meets social shopping. i kinda dig it.

  2. We love your site and your content. Keep up the good work. I also wanted to submit that you might consider for your next round-up of Social Shopping sites. We’re committed to Social Shopping and I think you’ll see ever more rich community features on our site in the coming months, starting with a bookmarklet that we’re launching today.

    Again, thanks for covering the space. We look forward to future posts.

  3. @tom – thanks for dropping by.

    @John Foley – thanks for your comments. If you give us a day or so to update I’ll add Pronto to the list. Looks like a nice site anyway.

  4. zenith

    I think its here to stay. Their primary goal of companies is to sell things. So I would definitely trust other user’s opinions about a product more than a company’s press release or advertising campaign.

  5. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the blogger (well, most anyway) aren’t trying to promote a positive view like companies are when they pay for ads. If they don’t like it, they’ll say so. If they think it’s half great and half garbage, they’ll say so.

  6. Lizzy

    Yeah, its hard to trust anyone. With affiliates and sneaky paid reviews.

  7. @zenith and @Jacinda. In theory, it should mean that you can get unbiased reviews on products/companies, but as @Lizzy suggests, it might end up with people using underhand methods. I still think these sites are pretty useful and hopefully, the community on each site will be able to flag anyone who looks like they are trying to scam anybody.

    Thank you all for your comments.

  8. True, although it at gives readers at least some more variety in opinions and information, even if they are slightly biased ;)

  9. AJ could be of interest to you. It is a new startup launched on sept 8th at the techcrunch50 show in california. It is a social shopping portal with a unique patent pending feature called pKaboo!
    pKaboo! enables gift givers to anonymously find out the recipient’s current interests, hobbies or perfect gift ideas. The giver’s identity is disclosed to the recipient by myfavz on the day of the event, thus maintaning the element of surprise which is so crucial to the ritual of gifting.
    Let me know your views on myfavz

    Founder / CEO

  10. Alice

    I like this site called I’ve found some great deals when they firt lauched. Now its seems they added alot of new features including an online mall. This may be a site to watch.

  11. Style Estate is a new website, right now its in the beta phase….. this website will enable you to show your house, rooms, bathrooms,……ect and also post the products included in your house. People can check them out and click on the products and it will take them to the store. Pretty neat

  12. I be entertained this dwelling called Ive produce some priceless deals when they firt lauched. Now its seems they greater alot of larger features including an online mall. This may serve a area to watch.

  13. I take it a covey of evident has to get done with the coincidence that the blogger (well, vastly anyway) aren’t challenging to last a wonderful wienie love companies are when they chips since ads. If they don’t enjoy it, they’ll claim so. If they consider it’s half superb again half garbage, they’ll reveal so.

  14. Sean Percy

    It is a good list, albeit it quite old now. I have been doing some research on social shopping for an academic paper.

    If the list is updated you should look at sites which I believe launched last year like and which are both interesting entrants.

  15. Sean Percy sorry is the correct url.

  16. Great and timely list. User recommendation is key to influencing purchasing decisions.