The Definitive StumbleUpon Resource List

StumbleUpon Resource List Social Media Trader

We like StumbleUpon so much that we have decided to put together this resource list of everything you need to know about it. Happy stumbling!

Stumbling Basics

Here are a few resources to get started with StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon Help Forum
StumbleUpon’s official help forum.

Beginner’s Guide to StumbleUpon
A basic introduction to Stumble Upon.

How To Stumble
A domain dedicated entirely to the art of Stumbling.
An Unofficial Guide to Stumble Upon.

StumbleUpon for computer Dummies
As the title suggests, this one is for the less technical out there.

Unoffical StumbleUpon FAQ
Frequenty asked questions list.

How to Use Stumble Upon like a Pro
A good detailed look at the Stumble Upon Toolbar. No Stone is left unturned.

The Veteran Stumbler

Got to grips with the basics? Try out some of these more advanced tips and techniques.

Stumbleupon mathematics for stumblers
Tim Nash speculates through case studies on the StumbleUpon algorithms.

Advanced Stumbling
An up to date wiki page with advanced methods used by top stumblers.

Advanced Stumbling: How to Make a Stumblable Page
Title says it all.

Using StumbleUpon PhotoBlog It!
Understand StumbleUpon photo blogging.

Direct some of that Traffic your way

Want some of that traffic too?tttt.jpg

UnOfficial StumbleUpon guide on how to get traffic
A good fresh take on StumbleUpon traffic.

How to increase SU traffic
Some headlines tell it like it is.

A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon: How to Build Massive Traffic to Your Website
A great guide from Doshdosh.

10 ways how to get traffic from StumbleUpon
10 ways to do it.

StumbleUpon Optimization: Leveraging Photo Stumbles for More Web Traffic
Doshdosh does it again with another great guide to using Photo stumbles to your advantage.

How to get StumbledUpon
Short good tips.

What Not to submit to SU
What not to submit to StumbleUpon.

What Stumbleupon Never Told You to Do
Great 14 page report on getting a rush of traffic in a short space of time(pdf).

Building Great Links
A small case study on SU traffic with a few tips.

Stumble Upon: Simple tips to increase traffic
Tips even my grandmother can understand – then again, she is a social media web strategist.

How To Get MORE StumbleUpon Traffic – A Guide For Beginners… And Experts
More beginner than expert, but a well written post with a few original ideas.

Offbeat tips
Stumbling off the beaten track is good.

How to Draw StumbleUpon Users Into Your Blog
Convert stumblers to regular repeat visitors.

The Secret to Massive Digg/StumbleUpon Traffic Without Spamming
Not a complete secret, but StumbleUpon users are ruthless with anything resembling spam.

How to Use StumbleUpon to Promote
Use StumbleUpon as a promotional tool.

Writing for StumbleUpon: High Impact Content “Above the Scroll” in Four Easy Steps
StumbleUpon users spend an average of 10-20 seconds on a site, make those seconds count.

5 Tactics for Driving Traffic From StumbleUpon
5 helpful suggestions on how to drive traffic from StumbleUpon.

How to get traffic for your blog
Though not strictly Stumble Upon, Seth Godin’s tips are universal.

For photographers: how to optimize for stumbleupon photo-blogging traffic
Muhammad Saleem walks you through photo-blogging for photographers.

Cross-Pollinating Social Media Viral Seeds

Using Stumble Upon To Increase Blog Traffic
This headline doesn’t lie.

The Comprehensive Secrets to Receiving Massive Traffic from Stumbling
25 ways to get traffic from StumbleUpon.

Use Social Media Arbitrage to Drive Traffic with StumbleUpon
Another case study.

Black Hat tactics
Do it the sneaky way…(NOT RECOMMENDED!!!)

Become a Power user

The power user.

Power user websites
Have a look around and find out the characteristics of a power user.

Ranks StumbleUpon power users.

Making a Power Account on StumbleUpon
A groundwork article for making a power account.

Lost for words words here…

How do you become a StumbleUpon power user? Ask a 16 year old.
As the title suggests.

How to Become a Top StumbleUpon User (or Why You Really Shouldn’t Bother)
Dosh Dosh’s guide to being a top stumbler.

StumbleUpon – How to make yourself a good stumbler
The fundamentals.

Making a power account on SU
Guide on being a good StumbleUpon citizen.

Fast-track yourself to a stumblegod
Muhammad Saleem’s guide.

Claim Your StumbleUpon Blog through Technorati
Increase the number of links to your SU blog.

SU for Businesses

Useful tips for businesses.

StumbleUpon Advertiser Resources
Got some cash to spend? Read the official FAQ.

Run a StumbleUpon Advertising Campaign For Your Blog
Guide to running an effective advertising campaign for your blog.

The Why, How and Who of Marketing in StumbleUpon
Who’s who on StumbleUpon.

Advertising on StumbleUpon
Why paying for advertising is good.

StumbleUpon Advertising Review
Why lighting a 5$ cigar with a 20$ bill is better than advertising with SU.

How to Use StumbleUpon for Your Business: The Definitive Guide
Tamar Weinberg insightful post on the business side of things.

Effective advertising strategy using StumbleUpon
Create effective advertising campaigns on StumbleUpon.

Stumbleupon can get your AdSense Account Banned for Invalid Impressions Fraud
Just in case, be warned.

Building a large Audience
More Audience, more traffic.

Useful Tools for StumbeUpon

A collection of tools for StumbleUpontools2.jpg

Back up Your Blog
Just in case!

Display SU Reviews
“A simple bookmarklet to take you to the SU reviews page for the current URL.” – Thlayli

Save your bookmarks to a HTML file that can then be stored on any Web browser.

SU Music Player
Why not add a cool music player to your SU blog?

Best Friends
Some friends are better than others :) Use this tool to differentiate them.

Facebook StumbleUpon
Show your SU on facebook. Stumble
Convert your Delicious bookmarks into stumbles.

StumbleUpon Extreme (SUE)
Completely redesign your SU blog by integrating multimedia add-ons.

Stumbleupon Video Widget
Share your favorite videos with others on your blog.

wySUwyg is an Extension for Firefox browser which allows you to format the content of any TextArea.

StumbleUpon Profile Button
Show the world you are a stumbler

SU Random Group
Just refresh the page to get details of a new random group.

Toolbarless SU
Want to do it without the toolbar? This is a collection of bookmarklets which will make it possible to use SU without the toolbar.

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