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Continuing the series of social news and bookmark popular story statistics, we bring you the March 2008 update.

Once again, we looked at approximately 500 stories that were popular on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Propeller. Although 500 is a relatively small number of the articles that reach the popular pages each month, the graphs should still provide a useful indication as to what topics are generally popular on the major social news and bookmark sites.

The charts all show a four month period, although, we had to modify the Reddit chart as their new groups system means there are more categories than before.

The Digg chart shows that tech stories are on the decline. Check out Richard Cunningham’s excellent graphs that used a much larger sample of Digg stories (and also look snazzier than ours). The decline in tech stories was also covered by ReadWriteWeb.

This month, “lifestyle” overtook “offbeat” topics on StumbleUpon. According to Compete, over 1 million more people visited StumbleUpon in March than in February. Are these new users more interested in different topics or is this merely a temporary blip? The art category is also down by 57% since we started collecting StumbleUpon stats from December ’07. You can view the graphs for yourself below. Just click on the thumbnail to make the picture bigger.

The next update will have 6 months worth of data so we can look at trends over a longer period of time. If you want to keep updated, then sign-up to the RSS feed. You can look at the previous statistics here.


digg statistics categories march








Can you spot any other trends in our data? Leave your comments below

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  1. Horatio

    Great information and graphs. Really well done. THis must have taken you ages! Which social network is the best for sports then?

  2. Good look at ongoing statistics. Interesting to follow month-to-month as early adopters are outnumbered by the general public.

  3. StumbleUpon guys just threw a party for reaching 5 million stumblers community strength. the news of this itself will cause more hype… as more un-initiated people join in.

  4. These are some great graphs. I can see you must be doing this every month. Great idea!

  5. @ Horatio – Glad you liked it. Sport seems to struggle on the social news and bookmark sites we have listed. It’s hard to say which is ‘best’.

    @ Phillip – It’s interesting you say that. Do you think the changes better reflect the tastes of the general public?

    @Vishal – Thanks for stopping by. I can’t believe I wasn’t invited to the party….

    @Steven – Thanks for commenting. It’s just the type of information we thought would be handy and no one else was doing it at the time. Next update will be a 6 month overview.


  6. Once again, great info. I am linking it to my blog. No need to recreate something wonderful.
    I enjoy reading your blog!


  7. Have been following the monthly statistics on your site and really appreciate the effort that you have put in and indeed it is a valuable resource.

    Off-topic question, incidentally which tool did you use for the graphs?

    Are you based in the UK?

  8. I really believe in social media like stumbleupon. It really provides you better results as compare to others.