Place Your Product in Pictures

Modern social media platforms are highly visual. Outside of podcasts, most videos, web pages, snaps on Snapchat, and Facebook posts have pictures or video. This means that products need to be visible in pictures. Aside from all the correctly-worded language and internet links, a product needs to appear in photographs so customers know what it looks like. This is almost as important as people knowing what it is or where to find it. The equivalent is a car commercial that highlights the wonderful qualities of a car, including the low price, but forgets to actually show the car. Much of the appeal is in the car’s look, so remind people what they are buying by showing off a picture. The other obvious example for pictures on social media is food.  Restaurants can advertise their prices or menus to anyone with an appetite but other than smelling food, the best way to sell a dish is to make it visually appealing. When people are hungry and looking to eat somewhere, seeing delicious-looking food can sway their decision.

This rule applies to products. Customers talking about your product and recommending it is great, but some people are visually driven. They will make a purchase based on what a tangible item looks like. Use social media to show off your product in the setting where it will be used. One such company that sells custom coffee sleeves likes to display their products exactly where they are used: on coffee cups. Pictures of these sleeves on social media remind people that buying custom sleeves could put a message on the cup of coffee that they are drinking from at that very moment. Another thing to consider is custom coasters to place your message or picture on.

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